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Brighton 2006
The Theatre Truck is the Venue to be seen at!

We have applied for permission to park the Truck on Hove Esplanade. So it really will be


But what does it look like on the inside? Well, it is being refurbished at the moment to have 30 cinema style seats, auditorium features and a proscenium arch.

Let Ruth show you around

Here's the Auditorium as viewed from the stage last year. There were 40 seats in all then, but we have decided to reduce this to 30 to give people more comfort. The
front seats can still be removed for wheelchairs. However, only 2 chairs per show.

There are 2 Exits and an A/C Unit.
The Truck was well checked out by Edinburgh City Council Licensing,
The Fire Department and The Council Electricians. It will be welcomed back by them
 as one of the better small venues at The Festival

Pete Sargent
The control corner is at the back with a great view of the stage.
We decided to use a small PA System with CD and 2 speakers
and only 6x500w Profile and 6x500w Fresnel lights with a 12 way manual board.
Here are a few states

General cover with a bit of colour.
The stage is 2.40m x 2.40m or 8ft by 8ft in old money.
There is a white board at the back which allows actors to enter from either side.
Backstage is a bit tight. But the stage size does means you can rehearse in your front room,
or in our case, our bedroom.

Here's a scene from Audience with Murder.
Showing that you can use 4 actors, 3 chairs and a stool and still have room to move

Using the space does not require a huge a leap of  faith.
In many ways it is more practical.
How often are we asked to believe that 'Look Back in Anger' is set in a tiny bed sit 30ft by 20ft?

Simple states can be achieved with just a few lights.

Wonderful atmosphere can be created allowing the audience
to get absorbed into the action

The White background can be covered up for a simple Black Box


As you can see, this is a great space to work in and would suit many different pieces.
You could also use it for Stand Up Comedy & Cabaret.
If you wish to discuss hire charges etc, drop us a line.
We will be putting on a few plays, so why not join us.


Theatre Maketa
70 Fulham Palace Road
London W6 9PL

07951 006 602
E-mail: nick@theatremaketa.co.uk