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DQ Blues
Nick Kidd

Darren Cheek
Directed by David Roylance

Darren got very good notices in Three Weeks and from the general public. He was also recommended as a show to see in the Scotsman. Unfortunately, one of the reviewers credited his performance to Nick Kidd. You do wonder sometimes

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DQ Blues
Theatre Maketa

In this one-man show, Nick Kidd plays Navy chef Harris with all the swagger, passion and eagerness-to-please that we expect from a new recruit. He tells the tale of how he ended up in solitary confinement after assaulting a superior officer, and his conflicted ambivalence towards military discipline (or is it sadism?) gives us insight into the Navy at large. Still, as he details why he signed up, and how he felt his first day, and what his room looked like, and how he got his tattoo-you start to get the gnawing sense that he's telling you more that you ever cared to know. But for the acting alone, Blues is well worth a watch.

Theatre Truck, 9-29 Aug, 12.00am, 7, fpp 143

tw rating: 3/5


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