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April in Paris

The play starts in Yorkshire. Bet and Al have been married for sometime and the spark has gone missing from their relationship.
Al has lost his job and spends his time
painting in his shed while Bet is the only
wage earner.

Her hobby is doing competitions in Magazines.

Al is scathing about her past time until one day,
she wins a trip to Paris for two.
Al is initially reluctant to go at all, and cites numerous reasons why he is unable to accompany Bet.

The scene then shifts and we are on board the boat to France.

We soon realise that Al has been persuaded to go, and this is the start of many comic encounters

They have a large meal in the restaurant Ė itís free! Ė and then few drinks at the bar.


Al has a few too many and Bet feels the worse
for wear after overdoing it in the disco.

They decide to go on deck for some fresh air, but the sea is now very rough: fortunately they have their windjammers.

Bet is violently sick over the side, accusations and counter accusations fly, and an argument ensues. However, as is the nature of their relationship, they have reconciled their differences by the interval.


The start of the second act sees the couple on the streets of Paris

Their adventure continues with them encountering all the usual problems the English face when travelling abroad.

 First there is the language problem.

 Bet has learnt a few phrases, but these get
 misunderstood, and Al finds himself having to
 force down a plate of steak tartare.

 They then do a tour of all the sights including the
 Louvre and see the Mona Lisa.

 Al is thrilled but also depressed at the skill of the
 works of art on display, and frustrated that he will
 never be able to emulate them.
To cheer him up, Bet offers to treat him to a coffee and then they spend a night on the town at Madam Arthurís

 After a great time, they decide to go home on
 the Metro, despite Alís claim that it is dangerous
 and people get mugged.

 On the train Bet suspects that some of the
 passengers are pick pockets and sees someone
 being robbed.

 Al decides to protect them, and all the other
 passengers are forced to flee for their lives.

A last fond look at Paris

Then it is back to England and a happy ending?


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