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Talking, Talking Heads
Nick Kidd

Brighton Review

The Theatre Truck is exactly that: a theatre on wheels. Although intriguing, the truck doesn’t look like anything special on the outside but, as is so often the case, it’s what’s on the wonderful inside that counts. In the delightfully cosy sanctuary that is the Truck’s interior one escapes the commotion of outside and escapes to wherever the play takes you. In the case of Nick Kidd’s ‘Talking, Talking Heads’, that’s the life of an actress tackling a production of Alan Bennett’s ‘Bed Among The Lentils’. An honest, warts-and-all look at the acting profession, this monologue takes plenty of inspiration from Bennett and is a worthy tribute to him, the writing humorous and sensitive. Leda Hodgson gives a solid, watchable performance, which, combined with the snug atmosphere of the Theatre Truck makes for a perfectly pleasant evening.

Leda Hodgson

A play within a play within a parody might exhaust the strongest of attentions, but Talking, Talking Heads is handled well. The audience is taken through an actor's nightmare, namely being given an Alan Bennett text. Watching a struggling actor struggle is a satisfyingly sadistic experience. However, Alan Bennett is not the most rock n' roll person in the world, and talking about him could not be described as a hoot, so be prepared for theatre of the pleasant rather than provoking kind. The acting was fine, the script flows enjoyably. Although lacking in edge, the play wields a credible sword.



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