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This August we presented 3 plays in our Theatre Truck at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, located right in the heart of the Fringe, at Charlesfield, off Bristo Square.
As you can imagine, Theatre Truck created a lot of interest, and impressed audience and reviewers alike.
Plans are being made to visit many Arts Festivals and Events next year and we will also be displaying the Truck, called 'The Sylvia Miles' at this years Showman's Show in October.
For a tour of the Truck go to Brighton 2006!

The following is a short history of how the truck was created


The original plans were offered up to licensing in Edinburgh in January 2004. There was not much point in building it if it would not get a licence. After consultation with John McNeil, only the following change was required. We needed to increase the leg room between the seats. This would reduce capacity to 40 seats. However, I was also worried that having only one exit and entry door meant crossing the stage. This would cause problems for late comers and for anyone who wished to leave. So a rear entrance was designed, with the side entrance now only being used for wheelchair access and an extra emergency exit.
I finally found the right trailer at G H Lucking. Number GHL 131. It had spent many years taking scenery around the country and was also used by BBC Scotland. Modern trailers are not as wide, and I needed one atleast 2.4 metres for my plans to work.
  I thought that it was in good condition. It didn't leak, but I soon discovered the rust. You can get a lot of rust on a 40 foot trailer.

But it was already the Perfect Stage.

I had planned for the conversion work to be carried out at Adrian Snell Production Services near Plymouth, but this proved impractical. Fortunately, Mark Dooner, at GH Luckings allowed me to work on the Truck in their yard in Reading. To try to reduce costs, I decided to do most of the work myself. The worse day was the first. I had 6 weeks until the truck needed to be finished and taken to The Riverside Studios for final rehearsals. Where do you start. Fortunately Alex Hester helped that day, and we started on the rear entrance

Everyday, a bit more got done. But everyday I got a bit more behind. More friends were called upon to help.
To be continued......

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